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Fireworks that are small and very far away

I love the rain
when it comes down thick and heavy
in oncoming headlights
weighty drops of big, voluminous wet
bouncing twice off the asphalt
springing up and soaking my socks
taking up all the air
so that I’m drowning just one step
outside my little shelter
crushed by the fierce pressure Mother Nature
brings to bear against my shoulders
she’s banging warm drums
and so the rain comes
the rain comes

soaking you somewhere off
in the southeast

until it stops
the drums thud faint and far away
and my little patch of earth
smells like petrichor
and feels like warm water

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Of Foxes


There are shadows down the river
and campfires upstream
some wispy words for kindling;
a torch still burning clean

There are shadows in the river
a stream long-running deep
creeks bathed now in darkness
that creeping willows weep

There are shadows ‘neath the river
the rapids churning white
a sun has set so long ago
no moon may shine at night

There’s fire in the forests
the banks have overflown
sell me down the river,
hope it takes me home

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Petals on a Wet Black Bough

Valentine’s Day in metro stations
Hallmark cards and decorations
Hearts for all, roses for me
sweet and subtle irony

Filling up the metro cars
with flower shops and candy bars
hustle-bustle, too and fro-
where do the forgetful go?

Gold and crystal, knicks and knacks
in stalls along the metro tracks
buyers come and payers go
people settling like snow

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I don’t take long shots, not because I’d miss, but because I haven’t missed yet

Someone please say no to me

Because I don’t want to know
if my newspaper missed-connections
know a friend of a friend of a friend of mine
someone please say no to me.

I don’t know if I can take another bookshop
long-shot, winter-time walk&talk
that my phone told me was a good idea
because I haven’t figured out how to say no to me.

Is it because of honesty?
Honest smiles and honest jokes
the product of an awkward child and bicycle spokes?
Girls and boys, say no to me.

Dare to make me disappointed
someone please say no to me
hurt me, make me fight for it
I just cannot say no to me.

This Self-Indulgence needs rectified!
Please, God, someone say no to me
Free me from this paradise
offer no indemnity

Say no to me
say no to me
please just god say no to me

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Chewy, gummy shavings of fake
blackcurrant-flavoured medicine
with a blandness that makes me grimace
while it’s molding against my tongue
and numbing the back of my throat
purpling my teeth and haunting my mouth
(my taste buds)
and just sticks
and sticks and

this little gummy lozenge
meant to save my throat
where water would’ve done the trick