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Petals on a Wet Black Bough

Valentine’s Day in metro stations
Hallmark cards and decorations
Hearts for all, roses for me
sweet and subtle irony

Filling up the metro cars
with flower shops and candy bars
hustle-bustle, too and fro-
where do the forgetful go?

Gold and crystal, knicks and knacks
in stalls along the metro tracks
buyers come and payers go
people settling like snow

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I don’t take long shots, not because I’d miss, but because I haven’t missed yet

Someone please say no to me

Because I don’t want to know
if my newspaper missed-connections
know a friend of a friend of a friend of mine
someone please say no to me.

I don’t know if I can take another bookshop
long-shot, winter-time walk&talk
that my phone told me was a good idea
because I haven’t figured out how to say no to me.

Is it because of honesty?
Honest smiles and honest jokes
the product of an awkward child and bicycle spokes?
Girls and boys, say no to me.

Dare to make me disappointed
someone please say no to me
hurt me, make me fight for it
I just cannot say no to me.

This Self-Indulgence needs rectified!
Please, God, someone say no to me
Free me from this paradise
offer no indemnity

Say no to me
say no to me
please just god say no to me

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Chewy, gummy shavings of fake
blackcurrant-flavoured medicine
with a blandness that makes me grimace
while it’s molding against my tongue
and numbing the back of my throat
purpling my teeth and haunting my mouth
(my taste buds)
and just sticks
and sticks and

this little gummy lozenge
meant to save my throat
where water would’ve done the trick

Letters, Writing

I really love Christmas cards

It’s around this time every year that I’ll break from the usual style and form to write something… Different. Usually around New Years, but this time it’s during and about Christmas. And cards. And, as always, writing.

I have a thing for letters- notes, messages, postcards, epistles, memos, what have you. It’s part of this firm belief that I am my best on paper. In words. Inked or digital. That I am allowed to be better, to be my best, and while perhaps not flawless, the written word enables me to be honest. So Christmas cards are something I hold near and dear to my heart. Writing them and receiving them. They’re some of the few things I feel I can take at face value, that they are the purest and most innocent and most sincere representation of a person or personality. I adore them. There are no games with Christmas cards.

I got a couple of cards this year, from family and friends. They sent shivers down my spine. The faith, the love, the belief that these words have fostered is simply sublime. It’s my understanding that this feeling is most definitely a common one, who doesn’t love to be appreciated? It’s more than appreciation, though- It’s appreciation in a medium that I want to live in, and through. In words. Words that cannot be erased or forgotten. You have to burn letters. You have to burn books.

Writing them is always what gets me, though. I always wish I could write a little bit smaller, that the card was a little bit longer, that my words were a little bit better. To express myself in Christmas cards is a guilty pleasure. It’s a rare time of year that enables me to feel true and properly understood, and to understand and empathize with everyone else. These cards, however brief and short, long and winding, are bridges. They mean the world to me.

I love Christmas cards.

Have a lovely holiday, thank you so much for your continued support,